Thursday, August 18, 2011

OnStar FMV

So, you know how there are often times when you are driving and you think, I need to look at the directions. Well, thankfully technology has improved immensely and we can have access to maps and directions while we are driving. However, if you think about it, you have to look at at the directions and the map. Unless you pull over on the side of the road, you are stuck trying to look at paper or your smart phone.

Not with OnStar.

So, you know how most phones now have speakers? Well, with traffic and such, they never seem to work that great. If you are looking for a phone number and trying to dial, or digging through your purse as it rings, you have to take your eyes off the road and at least one of your hands of the wheel.

Not with OnStar.

OnStar use to only be apart of certain motor companies.

Not anymore.

You can now get OnStar FMV. You know what FMV stands for?

For my vehicle. 

That's right, your car doesn't have to come with OnStar. You can add it to your vehicle!

Thankfully, Brent and I have had the opportunity to try out the new OnStar FMV system for one year! So far, we are loving it! It's a simple review mirror that replaces your original and it is capable of helping in so many ways!

We've gotten directions and the OnStar employees we have spoken with have been so nice and helpful! I just feel more secure with it in the car knowing they can help me if I'm in trouble.

There is a built in audio on the back of the unit mirror that provides direct contact. 

Since Brent has been driving more than me, due to my bedrest, I told him to tell me what he thinks so far about the new OnStar system! He said......

- Every person I've talked with has been extremely nice and patient.
- The device itself is pretty cool. It’s just compacted into a normal looking review mirror
- I really feel comfortable with you having OnStar with the twins in the car. If you guys get an accident, they can notify emergency crews. If the keys are locked in the car, with the babies, they can contact a locksmith to unlock it for us!
- If the car gets stolen, OnStar can locate it.
- I like that it can act as your cell phone while you are in the car. You don't have to fiddle with your phone to dial or dig for it in your purse to find it while it's ringing. You can keep your eyes on the road.
- To dial a phone number, you read the numbers aloud. It's a bit strange as you have to read the numbers in different incriments that you would normal read a phone number. You do have to keep quiet, which is understandable, but if they miss hearing a number, you have to start over.
- For maps, I like the fact that if it's a business/restaurant, you can tell them the name and they will pull up the directions for you and then have the system read it to you. If it's a personal address, you just tell the advisor where you want to go and she'll download directions for you. I felt like the system gave me a plenty of time to follow through with the the directions.

Overall, Brent and I are extremely glad to have OnStar FMV in our car!

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Jenny Georgio-who said...

I'd love to have this for my car. A few years ago we were driving home from NYC and right in front of a a MAJOR car accident happened. I'm talking a family was ejected from the car.

We were in a rental car with On-Star. While the guys in our car ran out to help the best they could we used On-Star to get help. Luckily the car behind us was an off duty EMT and the car behind them was two off duty police officer! (How lucky could these people be!!)

On-Star automatically pinpointed our car and sent out SOS calls to 911. Within minutes there was a huge crew of ambulance/police on site. The off duty police told us to leave or we'd be stuck in 2 hour min. traffic.

I'm happy to know that On-Star really did help those people and literally save their lives.

Kristin said...

This would be awesome to have...esp in the MN winters!!